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A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (2) by Cimpan12

Created 25 Aug 2013
  • A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (2)

"Everyone, alright are they?"Yoda asked his padawan. He was gone on a mission so he called Alana daily to see what was going on. "Yes,Yodi.Samelo is doing great, he is studing really hard and I think that Huss likes him a lot,"Alana said,"Angela is doing great, Charllian's thinking about entering his latest speeder in the race that they are going to hold next month for the kids at the boarding school, Vic is ,of course, at the top of his classes, and Ahsoka is fine." "Good it sounds that everyone is ,"Yoda said, he looked at the running clones,"Well appears it does, that let you go, I must." "Bye!"Alana said as the blue figure of Yoda faded away. **************************************************************** Jax looked at the holograms that showed what was happening in every room of the building. He watched Alana leave the room where she had been talking to Yoda. Palpatine did too.He pressed a hidden button that was on his desk. "What?"Jax looked closer at one of the screens, it looked like Alana was right underneath them, setting charges! Jax couldn't believe what he was seeing!He could have exploded right there staring at the screen if Palpatine hadn't start running slowly toward the door. "Jax, come!Or else you will explode!"Palpatine yelled. Jax grabbed Palpatine's arm to help him run faster, the 2 escaped the building in time for the explosion. The side where Palpatine's office was exploded into pieces. Palpatine shook his head sadly,"No one on that side of the building could have survived." "You think that Alana didn't make it?"Jax asked sadly, he had become good friends with Alana! "I practically don't care!Traitors shouldn't live for very long. She tried to destroy the thing she promised to protect!The sith must have something to do with this!"Palpatine said fixing his robe. The Jedi and some clones came running to the scene. Mace Windu asked Jax for every little detail while some Clones checked Palpatine to make sure there were no bombs, voice recorders, or a sensor on him. "Who did it?"Mace asked Jax. "I-I don't know,"Jax said, it didn't seem right to him that Alana would do something like that.She was anything BUT a traitor. "It was Alana Deritha,Master Windu,"Palpatine said with his arms held out so that the clones could examine him,"We saw her on a hologram setting charges." "Yoda's Padawan?"Mace was suprised,"Are you sure?" Palpatine nodded his head. Mace looked at Jax but Jax pretended to look the other way. " We will have to arrest her until we found out who really did it,"Mace said. ****************************************************************** TO BE CONTINUED.... TOMORROW ****************************************************************** MODS: Please accept and keep the spacing the same, thanks!

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