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EMPIRE AT WAR 4 by blazer6284

Created 30 Aug 2013

Chap 4. BAD THINGS HAPPEN. As morning slowly arrived, I was the first person to wake up. I walked over to the lunch room, the door was locked. I returned to my tent and found Danny and Ethan playing cards while the others were sleeping. "Good morning",I said. They both stared at me and said,"Good morning", then went back to playing cards. I sat down on my sleeping bag and wondered what would happen today.======================================== As I walked out of my tent, Marcus came beside me. "How's it going?", he asked. I said, "pretty good". As i got my breakfast I sat at the table where the rest of my group was. I drank my cup of coffee and ate my scrambled eggs. Danny said,"I heard that you are new here aren't you?". I said," Yes, its my first time being here". Danny said,"after lunch you go to section 1, where you will learn about the weapons and how they work". I said, "Thanks for the advice". As the bell ring I threw my trash away and went to section 1. I joined the line of the new recruits. As the weapons teacher told us how to use the Ark-97, I remembered every detail of the weapon. As the weapons teacher told us about other weapons, i heard a loud clanking noise and turned around. My mouth dropped when i saw a grenade behind me. I ran out of the classroom and took cover. BOOM as I heard a loud bang noise. I heard shouting and yelling as people rushed out of the room bruised and burned. People with hoses came into the classroom and sprayed water over the flames.========================================= That night I was full of fear. Someone or something tried to hurt me. As I stared at the ceiling of my tent. I trembled but finally went to sleep.

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