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Roleplay Bio: Sky. by agentsky1022

Created 16 Sep 2013
  • Roleplay Bio: Sky.

(Please note that this creation won't make any sense if my last creation didn't get up, so if you didn't see my last roleplay creation, or if it wasn't approved, ignore this creation.)---------Name:Sky----------Homeworld: Coruscant---------------Permanant Weapon: Choclate Chip Cookie Bombs--------------Other Thnigs: A founder/leader of TUA. Gets powers from eating cookies. Minimal Bounty Hunter Experience. Minimal Pilot Experience.---------------Current Credits and Items: The Revenge (modififed X-Wing, fitted with a proton torpeedo launcher) TK-421 (repair droid) R5-D4 (R5-D4) and 23 credits.

tags: asrpc
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