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Created 15 Oct 2013
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this is a reminder of the ship building contest! (and many more things....) ;) Remember you must have your ship in by Friday! I will judge them and have a winner by sunday. also... Wednesday evening I will be leaving to a hotel for vacation for a bit so I wont be on for Thursday or Friday... (I think...) also I have information about Star wars seven! As most of you know it will be made by Disney... I think the main character is Anakin solo but I'm not sure at the moment. The villain is a clone of the "Sith" who I am not sure is actually. That's most of the facts I know except for the fact that Luke is married, and Clone wars will be ended (Because of Disney) :"( And finally new Lego sets... All I know is that they are making a grevious bike with Obi wan and Grevious and I think it will be around 30 dollars. they are also making a new Jedi inceptor with Anakin an R2 which will be 30$ to 40$. That's all the news I have signing off now this is Legoking5500 ;)-----------------------------------------------------------------King

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