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Lost with a sith! 1. by Legoking5500

Created 25 Sep 2013
  • Lost with a sith! 1.

If you are just starting to read, we are in a Republic carrier fling away from the Jedi temple which is being attacked by bounty hunters and if you want more information click on my name and all my stuff will come up including the other parts of this story ... Tura was trying to place Sheirik. She knew who she was, She just couldn't place her. She looked back at where Sheirik had been standing thinking that maybe another look at her would help her remember. but Sheirik wasn't there. "AUGH!!!" Tura felt something jump on her back. "You little menace!" said Tura throwing Sheirik to the ground. "You are so annoying!" Sheirik turned on her dark saber. "You took my mom!" screamed Sheirik her face turning red. "Oh Yeah!" said Tura. "I remember... The orphanage." "You are not helping me feel better about it." said Sheirik. "Now you 'need' to be destroyed!" She jumped on Tura again. Tura was ready and she took out her Saber and started swinging it around. "Show off!!" yelled Sheirik growing more angry, and that was just what Tura wanted. Tura did a few flips from side to side and bounced off Sheirik's back. "Look," said Tura. "I don't want to hurt you... Shorty." Sheirik burned in anger and started swinging her Darksaber blindly and she missed Tura completely but she hurt a girl on board the carrier named Mailee (My-Lee). Tura rushed to her aid and well she was helping her Sheirik saw an opportunity she lifted her Dark saber above Tura's head and was about to swing it down when RJ threw Sheirik down. "You will not dare hit Tura!" Shouted RJ into Sheirik's face. RJ felt a love for Tura... Not a romantic love just a... love. It was hard to explain. Sheirik wiggled out of RJ's grip and ran at Tura. Tura turned around and Jumped just in time. But... Sheirik hit a wire, a wire that was a part of the engine. All of a sudden Tura felt a Jerk. "THE SHIP IS FALLING!!!!!" shouted a clone franticly. Alana ran to the front of the Ship. "Don't panic!" she yelled over the screams. RJ ran to the steering area. "Let me drive!" he shouted. He got behind the buttons and wheel and started spinning the ship. "AUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" everybody was screaming like nuts! Alana and Jax were trying to get everybody calm. RJ knew what he was doing. that was his skill. He could steer space ships. Jay was trying to fix the wire and he got zapped. He fell in pain. Sheirik was still mad and she was trying to find Tura in all the freaking out. Then The side of the ship got shot off! "Battle droids!" shouted Alana. Alana quickly Jumped out the side of the ship. "What are you doing???!!!!" screamed Jay who had gotten up and was feeling better. But Alana was already to far away to here him. Alana hopped onto the top of the ship. She Turned on her Lightsaber, Ran and jumped on to the flying Droid pod. She knocked the droids off and flew it back to the side of the Republic carrier (the ship that had the Padawans in it.) She jumped off the pod into the Carrier and the pod blew up. Than RJ spun the ship again. "HOLD ON!" yelled Jay. Everyone Grabbed hold to something and Tura did to but Sheirik grabbed her and pulled her out of the ship with her and they fell hard onto a planet Geonsis. Sheirik got up and was about to jump on Tura........... Hope you like it. Please like and comment! Thanks for all the support to you guys who supported me. Moderation please accept. Legoking5500.

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