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A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.5 (2) by Cimpan12

Created 05 Sep 2013
  • A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.5 (2)

Alana watched their ship leave."Now what?"she asked herself.They had stolen her lightsaber so if a Rancor would come to attack her Alana would have to use the Force to help her fight.Again,it was just her and the Force."ROR!"Alana looked up, just a few yards away was a Rancor who had his eyes on Alana.From the way he was looking at her Alana was sure that he was imagining her on his dinnerplate with an apple in her mouth!She sprinted off ,the rancor follwing behind.Alana was fortunate to have been dropped off in a tropical area where there were a lot of trees to climb.She Force jumped onto one of the taller trees and waited for the Rancor to come under the tree.The Rancor ran right under the tree thinking that she was still running, Alana decided to have some fun.She snapped one end of a vine of the branch and swang onto the Rancor Tarzan style!"Ha!I've got ya know,you beast!"She laughed from her seat one his head! The Rancor stopped and waved his hands around trying to smack Alana off his head.Just then Alana had an idea!She used the Force to control one of his hands.She waved it wildly for a minute and then with the Rancors hand she slaped his jaw the hardest she could! He fell to the ground with shock and pain.Alana jumped off of him just in time and grabbed another hanging vine and swang from tree to tree,"EPIC!" After a while though Alana got tired of swinging and didn't see another Rancor for a awhile,she decided to start her long walk to the town. She walked and walked for hours, all of the sudden she entered an area that looked an awful lot like Geonosis!Then after a few more hours of walkng she was in an area that looked like Tatoonie! "What a wierd planet!"Alana thought to herself.She was glad she had draken some water in the Geonosin area! It finally started to get dark when Alana hit a new area, it was the most beutiful area yet!It looked like a prairie from Naboo.But even this area's beuty didn't lift Alana's spirits up.She sat down and began to cry from anxiety,tiredness, hunger,thirst, and everything else she felt."Who's there?"A voice demanded.Alana knew that voice instantly!Could it be?Was it who she thought it was?"Sa-samelo?"Alana asked in a meek voice that she didn't recognize. A boy then came out of his hiding.He had blonde hair and the bluest eyes you'd ever see.It was Samelo! "Alana?"he asked. Alana's face brightened immediately!How good it was to see her friend! "It's me!It's me!"She cried excitedly. "Alana!What are you doing here?" Samelo was very excited to see his good friend. "Bounty hunters!"Alana replied. "Same with me and Jax,"Samelo made Alana even happier when she heard that! "Where is he?" Alana asked excitedly."Follow me!"Samelo replied. The 2 Padawans then took of running toward a hill that was far in the distance.******"Jax!"Alana said excitedly when they had reached the camp. "Alana!"Jax was suprised and excited,"How did you get here,Bounty Hunters?" Alana nodded and took a seat by the fire Jax had been watching."So how are we gonna' get out this planet?"Samelo asked once they all had started to eat some food that Jax and Samelo had found. Alana finshed her share in a minute,"We'll have to walk it!" Jax and Samelo looked at one another uncertainly. "Uh, Alana?Look,"Jax said he rolled up his pants a little to reveal a swelled up area on his leg,"I've been shot at ."

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