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Through the Atmosphere by The-Legend-of-Revanchist

Created 06 May 2014
  • Through the Atmosphere

(Roleplay) I looked down from the bridge of the Conqueror as the city was being destroyed by our turrets. Then the room exploded into flames and I was thrown out of the glass. I quickly grabbed onto the edge of the window and barely pulled myself in. The window was sealed off with a large metal plate. A close call. I looked around the bridge. The door to the turbolift had collapsed in a heap of metal and flames. The crewmembers lay on the ground, lifeless. Then I looked out the other windows, and noticed something. The bridge was no longer attached to the ship. And the ship, it was smithereens. The planet's gravity pulled the bridge down toward the surface rapidly. As we passed through the atmosphere, the bridge turned into a flaming arrow. The ground got closer. Really close now, and we weren't slowing down. 1,000 Feet... 700 Feet... 300 Feet... 90 Feet... 10. I braced myself for impact, but it was no use. The bridge blew to smithereens........ I woke up in a medical building later. I tried to get up, but couldn't. Then, I looked at my legs. They were metal. I looked at my left hand, and it was the same. Then, I looked in a mirror. The left side of my face was made of metal, and a photoreceptor for my eye.

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