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Hardcore: Mission 3 by micronex

Created 25 Jul 2014
  • Hardcore: Mission 3

If you want tags I don't know how to do it. After leaving the energy field they walked down the hallways in the citadel. Rys got his charges set and threw them on the hallway. Skips saw the droids and Rys pulled the trigger. The hallway started exploding and Rys was running hard. They made it out of the hallway. They went up a vent and were climbing toward a supply area. Then they heard a sharp sound coming up the vent. "Its vent shutters!" said Rys. Rys held onto the wall with Jes and Timo. When they saw Lucky trying to get on the platform Rys heard a shriek and then silence. Rys started cutting the vent slicers. Once they got to Skips the group headed to the supply center. The landing platform still had the gunship there. But then a huge blast came from behind. They saw droids and droidekas. They tried to go the gunship but they blew it up before they could get to it Please comment on how to do tags I know you guys love the hardcore series

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