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Traitor by batman5681

Created 12 Jun 2014
  • Traitor

All right! That's it! I'm sick of everyone calling me a traitor to Mandalore! I am not the traitor. The EMC and all of their allies are. Why? Because they were in the AlliedForces. Then one day they said they were attacking it with the help of the BRM and 501st. Being the leader of the AF I tried to defend it. I was loyal. Then every one is saying they've captured me, kicked me out a window, call me a traitor, and that I am the one who has attacked Mandalore! It is the EMC who attacked Mandalore. And I know why this started too! It's because people are bitter against the AF about their victories in the First and Second Mando Wars. If everyone is going to call me a traitor, they should look at themselves! YOU have turned on the peaceful AF! YOU have brought destruction on Mandalore! YOU are the Mandalorian Traiors! So leave me alone! You can have New Mandlore all to yourself. Sand: Do you see how a war can hurt a user?! If all I am to everybody here on this gallery is a supposed traitor, I'm leaving!

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