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Unforeseen Enemies Part VII by Oku_Finn

Created 05 Sep 2013
  • Unforeseen Enemies Part VII
Comment's been a long time since I posted.....I hope to post some more stuff soon. In case you need a refresher on what happened last, just go back and read some of Part VI.:P __________________ The silence of the building was enough to make you want to run in fear, but with the added foreboding presence that all could feel, it became absolutely nerve-wracking. No one, however, would admit their fear to the others. All just continued along through the long hallway, blasters fully loaded and lightsaber ignited. Eventually they reached the end of the passage. The blast door was closed but had a gaping hole made in the middle. The hole in the door was reasonably large, and the edges still glowed a faint orange from the laser-sword that carved through the door to make the opening. One by one they crept through into the communications room. In the middle of the room stood a large holotable that was still releasing a few sparks every now and then from several disconnected circuits. There were control panels and monitors lining the five walls. "Spread out." Ally ordered. "Split up into groups of 5 and guard the 3 doors leading in here. The rest of you help me search the place for clues as to what exactly happened." Ally, followed by eight clones, began moving down another corridor until they found and adjacent door to another room. After searching it quickly they would move on. They did so without incident and made it all the way to the main junction in the middle of the outpost. The room was in the shape of a hexagon and included five other doorways besides the one they had come through. Their footsteps echoed through the dark passages as they entered. "Let's stop and get a report on the rest of the team's progress." Ally stated. It was then that she and her companions noticed that someone was missing from their group. "Wait! Where'd Spark go?" Blaze asked. "He was here just before we walked into this room." "I don't like it." another clone said. "He wouldn't have gone anywhere without telling us, It's not like him." "I don't think he had a choice, Flex...." Spire, a veteran of the group, spoke up as he walked over and picked up Spark's helmet from a dark archway. Suddenly they were all thrown on their backs, and before anyone knew what was happening, an orange lightsaber blade sped towards them. Ally was first to regain her senses. She quickly parried the blow aimed at Blaze and engaged the mysterious enemy. Alexander Holmes was just exiting hyperspace and about to enter Bothawui's atmosphere when he received a distress call from down below. "Sir. We've encountered-zzstZzz-ostile. We request immedi-ztZSzs-ssistance." a clone reported through static. "I'll be right there. Hang tight." the young Jedi replied as he accelerated into a dive to the planet's surface. ____________________ Next part coming soon! (As long as I don't run into a problem with the plot...:P)

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