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Star Warriors 1 by MojoMan900

Created 25 Aug 2013
  • Star Warriors 1

This is my new miniseries, Star Warriors. I'm probably going to post another one every Sunday. Please comments thoughts about it. Anyways, here it is. Enjoy! -- On a typical day for Mojo, he was pirating a ship, but he realized that there was something different about this one. He decided to scan and research it, and he saw that it was no ordinary ship. It wasn’t even a ship. It was a Mandalorian escape pod, hurtling through space at 100 miles per hour (about 161 kilometres per hour). He used his tractor beam to pull it on top of his ship, then stopped his ship, grabbed an extra air tank, and went to where the shuttle landed. It opened, so he tightly gripped his Peregrine. Out came a Mandalorian, struggling for oxygen. He gave him the air tank, then the two of them went back into Mojo’s ship. “What’s your name?” Mojo asked. “Arc,” replied the Mandalorian. “Okay, Arc, is there anything that you need in that space shuttle on my ship?” “Yeah, my weapons.” “Come with me and we’ll get them together, but I don’t know if this is some kind of trick, so I’ll carry them,” said Mojo as he started to go. Arc followed. Once they got to it, Mojo grabbed two pistols and a sniper, and carried them back. Once they got back inside, Mojo opened a compartment with his fingerprint and put Arc’s weapons inside. It then closed and looked like part of the wall. “I can’t have anyone know I’m here,” muttered Arc, then a bit louder, “could you send my space pod away, uh, Dude.” “Call me Mojo,” he told him, then obliged and sent the escape pod back into space. “Wait a second, are you Mojo that famous pirate that’s wanted across the galaxy!?” wondered Arc. “Yeah, and that also means that I can’t stay and chat all day. I have work to do, you know,” he shot back, then a bit more quiet, “so where is it that you need to be dropped off? Mandalor?” “Actually, Mandalor is at civil war right now, and I don’t wish to be a part of that. Can I just stay with you?” “Anyone who has heard of me knows that I go solo.” “C’mon! I’ll die on Mandalor, and you know it.” “Fine, but when the civil war is over, you’re going back, and don’t get in my way. You can stay in the prison cell. That’s where I put the unwanted guests.” “Thanks. You won’t regret it.” “You’d better hope so. I’ve set course for Corucent. I’ve got a ship to sell. We’ll arrive by tomorrow morning. You don’t mind having a roommate for the night, do you!?” “I get the feeling I don’t have the choice.” “Good answer.” The next morning, Arc woke up to the sound of pots and pans clanging together. Mojo let him out of the cell, but not the other guy just yet. They walked out of the ship together and walked up to the ship dealer. “Mojo, my old childhood friend. What do you have for me today?” asked the ship dealer. “I got a ship,” said Mojo, then gestured to the ship, “How much?” “Hmm… Rather small, one person, no hyperdriver, I could sell it to you for 1 500.” “Deal,” said Mojo, then he walked back to his ship, released his prisoner, and then unhooked the small ship from his. The dealer then paid Mojo, and Mojo took off without leaving a trace of him being there. After that, he went into orbit of the planet in search of another ship to pirate. But then... -- More to come! Mojo.

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