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The BRM Manufacturers Inc. by gloopy45

Created 14 Mar 2014
  • The BRM Manufacturers Inc.

This is the official release of the Blood Red Mandalorians Manufacturers Inc. With the 1000 Credits everyone starts out with, I have decided to purchase a custom weapon permit. Cheeriosandlegos has officially given me permission to create this company. Today's featured weapon in this picture is called the Shatter Shock Cannon. Here are some of its features: Capable of smashing windows, visors, and other glass-like materials. If caught directly or close to the blast, this gun will leave you dazed. It has no lethal potential, but is handy in the need of a quick getaway. It has a low cost of 750 Credits, but if you are in the BRM You can get it for just 675 Credits! It uses Extremely High Power Ammo, the best bang for your buck. Stay tuned for more information about the BRM Manufacturers Inc.

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