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Camouflage Death Watch Mandalorian by gloopy45

Created 06 Sep 2013
  • Camouflage Death Watch Mandalorian

The warrior clans of Mandalore were believed to have been wiped out ages ago, their tattered remnants exiled to the Concordia moon. But as the Clone Wars swept the galaxy, the treacherous governor Pre Vizsla resurrected the Mandalorians, and with them, their legendary combat armor that was feared across the galaxy. Backed by Count Dooku and the Separatists, Vizsla began building an army to retake Mandalore from the control of pacifists who were trying to bury violent Mandalore's past. As the coup became inopportune, Dooku abandoned the Death Watch, leading once again to their exile. The Death Watch became a band of nomadic outlaws, battle-worn rogues that wandered the Clone Wars. This prototype design allows mandalorian armor to blend in with the background, perfect for undercover missions. With advanced holographic cameras and lots of time and work, this design was made possible. The high amount of time and cost made this armour hard to mass produce. Only about four were made. The picture I have here is a picture of the armour while not camouflaged, as a picture with nothing in it is boring. Hey guys, as I am drawing ever closer to 100 creations, I find it is ever harder to post with school and other conflicting things. But not to worry, I already know what I'm doing for my last couple of creations before 100. I promise you'll love my 100th. Please check out my miniseries Vesq Junh Returns. New Episodes every Monday!

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