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No Choice-announcement by bernbear1

Created 23 Oct 2013
  • No Choice-announcement

Ok! As you know, there are many miniserieses that I have said id post and never have, well, heres one I think I might actually post.ts called, No Choice. Its about two mandalorians and a clone.on the poster the guy in the middle is Jecker, the figure on the right is Kire shes Jeckers sister, and the clone on the left is Clicks, and soon ill post bios.ll tell you more tommorow ! I have to go to get my PJs on...ill post the first one tommorow! Oh and guys, I have big news! TOMMOROW MORNING I MIGHT GET JEK 14S STEALTH STARFIGHTER!!!!yoohoo! Yeah! Ok yeah.gotta go now! Oh, Jek? Heres Beeny(be fast Beeny!)-"HIYABEENHOWAREYOUIMGREATIHOPEYOUARETOOBERNBEARSAYSWEHAVETOGOTOBEDBYE! Phew!"ok guys! Seeya tommorow!-Bernbear1-

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