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two people to volunteer card making by rexwalker

Created 17 Jul 2014
  • two people to volunteer card making

i will like two people to voulunteer to make cards. those two people must be in the 501stlegion and must be active.i will teach those two people how to make those cards i`ve been making lately. but other people who i did not volunteer can not make their own unless its not the same with mine. and plus the two people who voulunteer must know the fire teams of the people who wants a card. you can make weapon cards,special ability cards,trap cards any cards that has to do with the 501stlegion. make sure two volunteers to not copy the cards i`ve already made unless its a spell card. and if its a spell card it shouldn`t have for example fire team leader. it should have special ability card. i will teach you more when i have my two people.

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