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Durotech Transports by aryanbacino

Created 24 Oct 2013
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  • Durotech Transports
  • Durotech Transports
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These are three Durotech Industries transports:The Di-14,Di-36,and Di-99.Here are there stats. Di-14 Class:Transport Armament:2 Laser Cannons Hyperdrive Class:1 It's saucer shape being a defining trait of this small transport,it wasn't one of Durotechs best.Though it was faster then most transports,the Di-14's small cargo/transport made the small ship unpopular among military units that used them.It did,however,earn some stripes in the civilian market. Di-36 Transport Class:Transport Armament:6 Laser Cannons,6 Point Defense turrets Hyperdrive Class:1 This large transport was much better than the Di-14.It could haul a large amount of tonnage and had decent speed.This ship was only made for military use and didn't see and civilian usage. Di-99 Transport Class:Transport Armament:6 PD turrets Hyperdrive Class:1 The Di-99 is,interestingly enough,the descendant of the X-2 Javelin light-cruiser Blitzkrieg.Designed as a fast transport,this worked along side the larger Di-36,ans was used when speed was needed over tonnage carried. Hope y'all like it.

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