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CWC reopened! by Niabs

Created 20 Sep 2013
  • CWC reopened!

I have ReOpened my old club, clone wars club. Remember if you want to join you have to post a creation named cwc entry and tagged cwc. So this is the existing list of members. If you are not in here and have joined plz tell me in the comments. Bozo414 Llhlmh Cool4awesome Rocky5274 DolphinsD Rex1508 Cat8533 Legoboy3468 Hobbit6126 Dark2412 Mbari1 ARCtrooper2621 Punhin Loganoregon Ajcusick Vader6468 Oceanbella Princessleia8888 Brickchick Galaxyfox Gecko_2001 Cartereaves Obi-wankenobi9 Epicstarwarsfan Masterdunn Zacakat09 Starwars2625(Rith) Legopanama Ben11gipps Joshuagreer4582 Alexander_rechner I hope I got everyone. Now for some news. For current members, we have a new club contest. Because it is the restart of cwc, this contest is to build whatever you want from clone wars! Remember, it must be tagged cwc. There must be at least 10 entries for the contest to be valid. The winner of this contest will win a rank up, a tribute, and 10 likes and comments. Club poll: Best clone wars season! -season one -season two -season three -season four -season five Plz vote in the comments. Now, some news for you who are not members yet. For those of you who don't know, this club is a fun and exciting club full of building, contests, polls, and challenges. ------------------------------------------------ I figured I might as well post some other news on here also. TINews will continue. If you want an ad or article in TINews please post a creation tagged tinews with what you want posted. Upcoming notices to be posted. Alright, im probobly boring everyone right now, so I might as well end it here:) Hope this was helpful! -niabs

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