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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! by Agentpenguin15

Created 31 Dec 2013
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

Hey guys, just want made this creation real quick to say Happy New Year!! Wow, 2013 has been a jam packed year for me. Not just in my life, finishing middle school and doing heaps of extra curricular activities, but on the Star Wars gallery as well!! I thank you all so much for commenting and even viewing all the stuff I upload, and giving me feedback as it helps me heaps!! From my series Jedi Survival, to all the bios, and creations I've been uploading, it's all been an awesome ride!! I'd just like to quickly thank these people: Brickchick105, Batman5681, B0802, Legolightning10, TheGreenBaseplate, ARCTrooper2621, Zhays, Legolover7503, Snakes01, CoolNoodles_2, Peteforme8744, and a very special thank you goes to my awesome friend TheRingWearer, who has been the greatest friend to me throughout the year. And thank you to everyone else who has followed me and checked out all of my stuff. I really appreciate it. I promise 2014 is gonna get HEAPS better with my creations, so please stick around with me. So once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! -Agentpenguin15 P.S: I won't be posting creations for a period of time, I don't know how long. But it's because of me being away on holidays, so please understand :D

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