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IG Series Stealth Droid by gloopy45

Created 28 Oct 2013
  • IG Series Stealth Droid

Manufacturer: Halowan Labaratories Weapon: Installed blasters Affiliation: Empire The IG Series Stealth Droids were used popularly by the Empire, but were found elsewhere. The Stealth Droids have a revolutionary visual/targeting system. By using several infrared cameras, these droids created a perfect, seamless, picture, making them ideal for spying. The Stealth Droid would not miss a target from a Kilometer away. They are equipped with a neutralizing and normal blaster. They can transmit multiple images at a time through their antennae. The only drawback was the amount of heat made through the image processing in the computers of the droid, making it easier to spot with thermal cameras. I used GIMP to make the droid appear as it is floating.

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