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Miniseries contest!/characters needed. by agentsky1022

Created 21 Sep 2013
  • Miniseries contest!/characters needed.

This is a contest. Here are the rules:---1.Make a minfigure with a bio. Give it the tag skystory. If you give it short legs you have a better chance of making one of the first three places.---1st 2nd 3rd place: Your minifigure can be a main character in my story. 4th place: You figure can be in my story.---the story is about a star wars apocalypse: A strange force of aliens have come to conquer the New Republic. They have captured the heroes (Luke, Liea, Solo,) by surprise, and locked them away in a dungeon. But the Republic has faith that they will eventually escape. But will they escape in time? The Aliens are sending reinforcements, who will be there any time. If the heroes don't escape to save the day in time, they might never be able to. The republic starts to loose hope, except for four kids, four kids who are the very descendants of the orginal TFA team. Four kids who plan to show that little guys can do big things.---Hope to see your entries!

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