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NEW EMC MINISERIES S2 E2 by maxbalter

Created 31 Mar 2014

After being attacked at a deli by a mysterious Mandalorian shadow warrior, I had escaped to a fancy resort on Courascant. I needed a place to stay after my home had been destroyed. "Keep the speeder in the evacuation point", I said. "Yes sir", said a EMC trooper and he and his partner took the speeder away. "Riptide, how is security", I asked. "We are taking all the standard precautions" he said. I nodded and walked towards the lobby. I had taken extra measures to protect a vital piece of information that could win the Republic/Separatist war. Only I, Barccommando, Riptide and a few of my most trusted EMC warriors knew about the information it contained. "Sir", said Riptide, "your room they assigned you is the 27B suite". "Good", I said, "I want you and the rest of the men to get rooms on that level as well". Incase of a attack, I wanted all my men on scene to fight. I took of my helmet, my cortosis armor had withstood many attacks and it would many more to come. What if it is a Separatist assault, I wondered. The next morning we were to deliver this information to the Chancellor himself, any attack could occur between that time. I walked into my suite. "Nice", I said. 1 king bed, 2 couches, a private restroom and a holo-feed network. I walked out onto the balcony and looked outside. Speeders were riding past as the sun set over Courascant. That is when I saw a speeder race towards me. Droids popped out with sniper rifles and opened fire. My Cortosis Armor absorbed the impact easily. The two EMC troopers who were standing guard outside rushed in the room and returned fire. I donned my helmet and shot at the droids with my pistol. "All units", I said, "this is a code-red situation, report to the evacuation point". "Sir", Riptide said, "all rooms we had booked had been bugged and setup". I shot at the sniper droid and it fell off the speeder towards the ground below. "Get all units to the lobby and guard the entrance, their are too many people's lives at stake here", I said. I motioned the EMC unit next to me to follow me to the turbo-lift, and more units tagged along. When we arrived at the lobby, Riptide had E-Web cannons stationed at every point, with EMC units securing the perimeter. "Everyone keep quiet", I said. Everyone froze as the sound of battle droids came echoed from outside. I peered outside. There must have been a thousand droids out there, plus tanks. "All units", I said, "prepare to attack". EMC units raised the rifles and pistols at the doors and prepped the cannons. They are here for the information, I thought. If the Separatist armies got hold of this information, it could turn the tide of the war. Not going to happen, I thought as I ignited my dark sabers and turned to my men. The EMC units had already set grenades at the doors as traps. "Lets teach these droids a lesson", I said, "for Mandalore!" (Mods please accept!)

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