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The BRM Meeting and Contest #10 by gloopy45

Created 25 Jul 2014
  • The BRM Meeting and Contest #10

Welcome to another meeting of the Blood Red Mandalrorians! Last time , I asked you guys to make a custom creation of some BRM troopers exploring. And the winner is…Omf817! He’ll move up a rank! Thanks to all that entered. Here’s a list of the members and their ranks: Unikitty1231:[Cadet] Legogaurd9:[Cadet] UltimateLegoMaster9000:[Sergeant & Elite Fighter] Legolover7503:[Cadet] JangoStormer:[Cadet] Cocoanut543:[Private Specialist & Elite Fighter] Legogeek2299:[Captain & Elite Fighter] Dru100:[Cadet] Omf817:[Private] Cheeriosandlegos:[Colonel & Elite Fighter] ekulramabuilder: [Cadet] qhorn1: [Cadet] rexwalker: [Cadet] Snakes01:[Private Specialist] I’m sorry I got this up so late, I promise to be more active. I have an exciting announcement for the BRM. Acknowledging all the positive feedback from my short-lived miniseries, the Adventures of Kadala Vulnus, I have decided to write another series. It’ll have Role Play included too. I might even do some stop motion to help tell the story ;).Further information will be disclosed in a future arrangement, but I can tell you this: It will be epic, action-packed, and intense. This meeting’s contest will be to make an awesome battle scene! Rules: [1] Must have the tag BRMBattleContest. [2] Must be in by August 1st. [3] You must be a BRM member. If you would like to join the BRM, upload a creation of your custom Blood Red Mandalorian Soldier with the tag BRMcharacter. Simple as that! I hope you guys have fun building for the BRM!

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