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22 Jul 2013

Piper Super Cub Float Plane

A Technic Float Plane based on the Piper Super Cub. Manual functions include ailerons controlled by left/right movement of control stick, elevators controlled by forward/backward movement of control stick, and rudder controlled by the rudder pedals. Motorized functions include the rotating prop and fake engine controlled by throttle in cockpit, variable pitch prop controlled by lever in cockpit, flats controlled by lever in cockpit, and retractable landing gear controlled by lever in cockpit. There are two m motors. One m motor power the prop. The other m motor runs all other motorized functions through a gearbox. The levers in the cockpit are linked to the gearbox to operate the various motorized functions. This plane also features drooping ailerons, which is a feature that lowers the ailerons when the flaps are lowered.



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