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I made this to be a set RACE TEAM 21. I did not copy anything. I built and designed it myself. It has a ton of functions. The truck is a support vehicle with a fuel hose and a towing line; you can reel both of them in with the two small red knobs on the side of truck as you see in pic #2. The trailer is cool too; it has a ramp that can fold down and has stands that fold down to keep the trailer level as you can see in pic #4. Now... the bike, can you see the dirt bike in the bike? Well... all my wheels broke so... I decided to make my own. XD I'm serious; I have like 6 bikes and all the wheels broke so now I know what to do with them. Oh and the truck can fit a minifigure. And don't forget to check out all my other builds! on the gallery! thanks GUYS :D

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20 Aug 2014


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