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A Collection of Cars


This is a collection of three cars that cruise the streets of Legotropolis. I'll start with the red one. The red and white sports coupe is a Siefert 700 Super Sport. (The car is also available in SE and Sport trims.) The Super Sport features a pop-up spoiler for good aerodynamics. It has an opening driver-side door. The short white coupe in the middle is an HLL One Hundred. The One Hundred is HLL Motors' entry-level car. It is quite streamlined. It is powered by a four-cylinder engine. It is also available as a convertible. As for the car on the right, citizens of Legotropolis can choose between countless frugal, fuel-efficient city cars. They can also get something epic: The HLL Bullet. The Bullet is a small sporty coupe comparable to the Siefert 700, but this one has been so heavily modified it's practically a street-legal drag racer. Note the spoiler, stretched carbody and giant hood intake! Overall, these three cars are great for populating the streets of any Lego city.

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15 May 2014


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