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A Criminal Hides at the LCFD


Here's a very, very, very late creation by "moi." A criminal is making a fahst getaway to some place. He could only find the fire station and so, he got in side. When he got up to the receptionist's desk, he saw something weird: a skeleton. "Whoa," said the criminal, "you don't see THAT everyday." He rolled his eyes, "I hope the po-po isn't hiding." Unfortunately, the "po-po" WAS hiding and the criminal surrendered. Then, it hits him: the firefighters have set a trap for the crook. As the crook got the cuffs behind his back, the police thanked the firefighters for helping them. Comments please. Mods, there's nothing, inappropriate whatsoever so DON'T reject this.

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18 Dec 2013


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