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Golf Cart


This small white golf cart is perfect for cruising down the tranquil fairways of Bricktovia's most exclusive golf courses! This small vehicle was built to be as realistic as possible while still remaining small enough for city use. The front uses a specialty ATV wheel guard piece and a 1x2 angle plate to make a distinctive headlight/fender assembly. The 1x1 plates with side rings function as holders for golf clubs (actually Lego Castle axes). This small vehicle is electric-powered. The back end is made of standard pieces and has a 2x2 container for storing golf balls, tees, and other golfing supplies. Overall, this golf cart is a small, utilitarian vehicle that is easily mass-produced to make a whole fleet for all of Lego City's golfers. Now I need to build a golf course!

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11 May 2014


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