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Science Lab and Centre


Welcome to the Lego City's new Science Lab and Centre! Here everything you dreamed of science comes true! It is one of the most important places as it promotes science in a happy and fun way! It is also equipped with two fully functional labs one with a couple of tools that can be used to make your very own robot or even an RC car! the other is equipped with a microscope, shelf full of chemicals (they won't harm you!), and a nice Bunsen burner! Here you can find people ranging from children who can create their own RC toys to serious firemen who have come to check out their fire proof suits (they have a lot of saving to do!). this science centre has its own solar panel ( save energy, save the Earth!) and a nice infra red camera (you wouldn't want the crooks to steal the tools which make the RC toys!) and two parking lots.

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27 Mar 2014


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