Can you think of some other cargo that the LEGO City inhabitants need delivered, and how the Cargo team would manage to deliver it?
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Challenge ends on: September 22, 2013

Challenge has ended September 22, 2013

Challenge is closed

Hello everyone!

First off a big thank you for showing us all your fantastic creations! We had a really hard time picking the winners because there were so many awesome entries but we had to choose three.
The Cargo Competition's winners are:

"The Giant Pumpkin" - We loved the idea of the LEGO City Cargo team being called in to get the giant pumpkin to the market and the really neat way the backgroud of the scenario is built. Way to go in finding creative building options!

"Cargo Log Truck" – This truck doesn't only have important goods to deliver it also looks great! We enjoyed all the amazing detail in this drawing and we can tell exactly which LEGO elements you need to build this model!

"LEGO Brick Hunter" – Those element separators are never there when you need them, so it's a good thing we're getting a big delivery of those! It's really great to see someone using so many of our basic LEGO bricks to build such a complicated shape. We also liked all the details and the creative ways of building them like the anchor, the lifeboat and the gangplank!

Well done everybody!

The LEGO City Design Team

Cargo Team Competition

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