Build your best ideas of how the robbers can break out of the new prison. Post your drawings or pictures of your LEGO creations to this page and tag them “Prison break”
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Challenge ends on: May 14, 2014

Challenge has ended May 14, 2014

Challenge is closed

Hello Cityzens,

Thank you for all your amazing creations and stories. We had such a good time looking through them and also had to laugh at all the funny ideas you came up with. Here are our three winners:

DRILL ESCAPE - The Bandana Brothers use the help of friends and their own building creativity, what a great way to break out! And they show some responsibility when putting on hard hats in the tunnel, we really liked that idea. Maybe there's some sense left in these crooks after all!

FALCONRY BREAK - Having a trained falcon seems very handy, that's a really good idea! Perhaps we should get some of those in the LEGO City design team and they can bring us the elements we need.

PRISON HYPNOTISM - It's just a watch... just a watch... you're an ordinary Cityzen, of course you can go. That's a very creative way to break out and we totally enjoyed reading the story and the way you presented it!

Good job everyone!

The LEGO City Design Team

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