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The Lego City Ski Resort


Welcome to the exclusive 5 star Lego City Ski Resort! We have everything from snowmobiling to skiing to helicopter rides over the mountains! our rooms include two double beds, flat screen tv, desk and much more. We are known for our amazing well groomed hills and great service. They are ready for your enjoyment and we always have a paramedic available on a snowmobile just in case. you can take a helicopter ride over the mountains and enjoy the beautiful views. The dining room is served by the best chef the city has seen. There is also a ball room for all your needs. there is also security posted throughout the resort to ensure the safety of the VIP guests. There is this and so much more all at the Lego City Ski Resort. . . Included in this package is the ski resort, a helicopter with landing platform, sports car, limo, roads, snowmobile, ski lift, ten minifigures and much more! . . I hope you like my ski resort. sorry i wasn't able to post more photos due to only being able to have five slots.


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27 Mar 2014


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