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14 Jun 2014

The Princesses of Fantasia

Thirteen years later… (pic 1)“Come on, Flaming War, let’s see how fast you can go!” said Dawn to her horse Flaming War. “Dawn! Come down from that horse, immediately!” yelled her nanny. “Ha! You have to catch us first!” and with that, Dawn and Flame raced away. When Dawn got back to the Palace, she unsaddled her horse and took the tack upstairs to the attic. “Alright here we go.” She said when she set down the tack on an old box. When Dawn looked closely at the box, it had a tree with long roots carved on it. “That’s funny, what would something of the royal family be up here?” she said for that tree stands for royalty. (pic 2)When Dawn opened it, inside was a small picture, a crown, and a doll. When Dawn turned the picture over to see what it was, she gasped. On the picture was her Father and a woman she had never seen. “That must be mother!” When she looked closely at the doll she said, “That looks like my doll upstairs except it has a blue dress.” She put everything back in the old box and took it downstairs to her bedroom. (pic 3)“Dawn you know better than to ride away on your horse without doing what Ms. Thatcher, your nanny, told you to do. Uh. You are turning thirteen tomorrow, try to act a little more like a princess, please.” The king pleaded. Nobody else talked. “Um, so how about letting me know what you want for your birthday, sweetie.” The king finally asked. Dawn thought about it, then as soon as dinner was over she said, “I want to know about my mother.” The king and the nanny stared at her. “Why does everybody keep it a secret when I try to ask something about her?” Dawn cried before racing to her room. “Dawn!” the king yelled after her. “‘Sigh’ I will tell her in the morning.” And with that, he walked slowly to his bedroom. He didn’t have the slightest clue what his daughter would do that night. (pic 4) In a secret part of the Ever Dark Forest of the Phantom wolves… (pic 5)“Please Mistress Ruby, please let me go outside tomorrow, I’m turning thirteen!” cried Luna to her guardian. “There are Phantom wolves that would love to gobble you up, dear.” Replied Ruby ever so gently. “Besides, you should be doing your chores.” “But Miss-““Haven’t I raised you from a child when your heartless mother abandoned you? Haven’t I been kind enough to feed and protect you?!” Ruby screamed. Luna put her head down. “Yes, it is very foolish of me to ask you for anything else.” And after Luna said that, she walked away slowly to her room.


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