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02 Aug 2014

New in the Community

The wait is over here are the instructions for the EV3 SCRT but Customize the armor the way you want it!



Uploaded 8/1/2014

This is my 4th remote. Sorry, the other ones did not get posted, so please forgive me for only uploading one of the remotes as they have been taken apart. Touch sensor on the left(assuming the round part of the motor is facing forwards) makes it go left and vice versa. Touching both makes the robot go back, flipping the rotational switch makes it go forwards. Made of only 15 pieces!



Uploaded 8/1/2014

EV3GUARD is a kind of radar with a gun.when someone gets too close,he will shoot bullets at him!So you can put him on the table to guard your room against intruders!If you want him to stop,you can just press the touch sensor and he will stop at once!



Uploaded 8/1/2014

ROBI3 is a robot that can drive on its own or be controlled with a remote. The large motor drives and the medium motor steers.(The video is the program).

Hello everyone! I have started a new branch of my robots...FBC Studios! It is all of my TO-TA-LY-AWE-SOME! robots that do the coolest stuff, like this one for instance, Color Sorter MK1 this is my very first color sorter robot that can sort white and green lego 2X4s. for a demonstration look in additional information. Sorry I can't post a video the website won't accept my videos.