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25 Oct 2014

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Uploaded 10/25/2014

The Lamborghini Murcielago is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini between 2001 and 2010.It is one of the most expensive cars and go from 0 t0 100 in 3 seconds. LAMBORGHINI MURCI3LAGO, its prototype EV3 version, is my first car on the log. It uses four sensors and three motors. The sensors include the infrared sensor, the gyro sensor, the sound sensor and the colour sensor. You can find more info in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.



Uploaded 10/25/2014

This is my new robot, ROV3R. I have programed the touch sensor, but the program doesn't work right. The IR sensor works fine. I haven't programed the color sensor yet. Instead of putting wheels on ROV3R I put treads on. This is my third robot, the first robot I built was EV3STORM, then REPTAR, and now ROV3R. I plan on making tools from TRACK3R and putting them on ROV3R.

If you remember last year, LEGO master builders made a challenge called brickify your pumpkin. This is a play-off. Put your Mindstorms and pumpkin together for epicness. Tag your robot RoboPumpkin to enter. Can't wait to see all the robots! deadline: October 31 if you have questions or comments, please post them and I'll be happy to answer.



Uploaded 10/24/2014

This is BODYBUILD3R, the robot that likes to work out is pectorals!Could it be the first candidate to Mr. RoboLympia?



Uploaded 10/24/2014

This is my first and (I think) only enter in the Halloween Contest.I hope that you like little animals like bats.This one is a huge bat.Check Additional Information for more about The BAT.