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30 Aug 2014

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Uploaded 8/29/2014

Here, my friends, is the ultimate SUV I've been waiting to show you. Well, wait's over, so! Outland3r is my best robotic vehicle yet, featuring a 1:3 geared-up speed ratio, hood scoop, metallic grille, opening doors and roof, racing seat, realistic headlight/taillights, sporty spoiler, steering capabilities, and much more! More info in "Additional Information"! A video of Outland3r will be available soon at ReBrick.com, a LEGO Group-run website!

Daniel the Dragon


Uploaded 8/29/2014

Hello everyone! This is FuzzyBoyC here with my largest project ever... Daniel the Dragon! He is 23" long 12" tall and has a wingspan of 21"! His name came from the cousin of mine who gave this mindstorms set to me. He uses a similar walking mechanism to Benny except his uses 2 motors so he can turn. It took me 4 hours to build him altogether and to add all of the finishing touches. Overall he's a pretty awesome dragon except for one thing, I couldn't motorize the wings because I had already finished the rest of him and couldn't find anywhere to put the motor. And he also has movable claws on his wings. I hope you all like him so please rate fav and follow!



Uploaded 8/29/2014

Length 13 inches long, width 1 ft. height 9.5 inches.With out a doubt the most time consuming project I've done yet, when you click Additional Information, you will know why. I tried to make it look like a half-track garbage truck of something. It has power functions+Nxt 2.0. Working lights, doors, seats, steering wheel, arm rests, and more. You will see I could have very easily made a Dump truck, probably convert it into one in a few days.



Uploaded 8/29/2014

This is a robot that works like Walker, but the legs move simultaneously, to cause it to walk faster and with more accuracy.

Wolverine claw


Uploaded 8/29/2014

This claw can be harnessed onto your hand ,it had three razors harp claws and there are two motors powering your hand ,making your punches have higher speed and velocity.using the sensors , it can switch into auto combat mode when it locate the opponent imediately