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24 Apr 2014

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Uploaded 4/22/2014

Hi guys! I am new and I`m sharing my bot that test some of the nxt`s sensors.

Super Hot rod


Uploaded 4/22/2014

Hello everyone, I am back with a new robot. It is a hot-rod.This is the fastest robot I have ever built. The reason why it's so fast is because of the gears that power the rear wheels. I do have to say that the idea of building a V-8 engine was first done by Jazzplot. please tell me if I spelled it properly. It can also be controlled by the infrared remote. To simulate the speed of this hot-rod, all you need is one full charged EV3 brick, two EV3 servos, two 36-toothed gears, two 10-toothed gears and one pair of RCX wheels. Thank you for reading and please comment

ROAAAAAAAAARRR!!!! POW!!! ZAPPPP!!!!! Sorry about that. It's just my new creation, Fire-br3athing Dragon. This is the biggest thing I have ever built! It shoots fireballs (pow, pow) and moves around in its squatting position. Hope you like it! I used the gun design in Ev3rstorm. please rate and comment!

Clamping Creature


Uploaded 4/22/2014

It's a cute and hungry clamping robot.

Small crawl3r


Uploaded 4/21/2014

This robot walks forward and backwards.