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23 Oct 2014

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Uploaded 10/23/2014

Hello everyone! I am back with a new robot which is probably my best one yet. The WALL CRAWLING SPID3R! I recently bought some new sensors for using in my robots. I bought an ultrasonic sensor, a gyro sensor, a touch sensor and a sound sensor. This robot does not use all of them because the e3 brick has only 4 ports for installing sensors. I have made this spider for the Halloween contest. This is only the prototype version and this kind of technology is used in many of the robots being developed in robotics labs around the world. One of these robots is the GECKO, a robot which has suction pads on its feet to climb. My robot does not have suction pads so it can't climb walls, but I have managed to make it have the abilities of a real spider. It utilises three motors, two for operating the arms and one for opening and closing the jaws. The arms move up and down using a simple mechanism which is explained in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. It uses five sensors for self defence and for exploring its surroundings: ultrasonic, colour, sound and two touch sensors. Check out the ADDITIONAL INFORAMATION.



Uploaded 10/23/2014

This is a very simple robot. I built it to mess around with.



Uploaded 10/22/2014

Hello Mindstorms Community! I have decided to post weekly announcements! This can include robot updates, robots of the week, contest reminders, (hint) and lots of other cool stuff for this week. As always, news is in additional info

Ch3ss Clock


Uploaded 10/22/2014

Chess Clock built using the standard mindstorms EV3 home edition set. The brick LED lights blink different colors depending on which players turn it is. Each dial turns to provide a visual indicator of how much time is left. One full rotation means that players time is up. The Brick screen also displays each players remaining time. Includes the option to choose different times as well as a pause and reset buttons. features: - selectable player times (10, 15, 20 min) - Screen displays time remaining for each player - Swords rotate to provide an easy visual indicator of time remaining - Brick LED lights blink differently for each player (green = whites turn, orange = black) - Pause game button (press down button on brick at any time) - Reset button (press left brick button at any time) - upon reset swords move back to thier original position.

Autonomous car 1


Uploaded 10/22/2014

Hello again mindstorms community,this is my latest robot the self controlling car this is a very simple design with no exterior details and a very flexible steering chassis or something,you'll understand what I am talking about when you see the main picture.the steering system is different from the normal ones and so is the program the program is like this-the car keeps going in a straight line until the ir sensor detects something it turns and say's uh-oh then it repeats the program.hope you like it.