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30 Jul 2014

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A must see! Does it look like R3X is balancing on his two wheels? Well then, look again. He actually has a castor wheel on his tail. (See picture 5.) I built his head first but attaching it was hard. (But attaching the tail was even harder!) And yes, he can open and close his mouth. His tail has a little bit of suspension. That's why I'm entering him into the SUSPENS3 contest. I had fun making him but sometimes his mouth gets stuck. Also, I'm adding a twelth sentance just in case Lukeshev counts the parentheses out.



Uploaded 7/29/2014

SPID3R is inspired by SPIK3R. It can walk and turn. See more in additional info.



Uploaded 7/29/2014

a radar

SuperSonic Sentry Guard


Uploaded 7/29/2014

This is SSSG, (SuperSonic Sentry Guard) which is ColorBot with a gun



Uploaded 7/29/2014

Hello everyone! Just as the first comment on my NXT SCRT asked, I have made an EV3 SCRT ( Short Course Race Truck ) out of my brother's ( BattleForceIain) EV3 set. Like my beach buggies it has 1 motor to work the steering and one motor to drive. Now the functions. This is my most realistic model yet and is also very fast I have a 1/3.5 ratio on it ( pretty fast huh?) my largest armor plates, an infrared sensor for IR control, but no suspension.Thank you for viewing and please fav, rate and follow. See ya' ;)