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24 Jul 2014

New in the Community

Vending Machine


Uploaded 7/24/2014

With help from a website (and my dad), I built a working vending machine. When you put in a penny, nickel, or dime it will fall back out. But when you put in a half-dollar it will give you a soda.

box car


Uploaded 7/24/2014

To build this car i only used on lego mindstorm NXT 2.0 set and four ekstra wheels. It can drive on both the normal wheels and on the roof.



Uploaded 7/24/2014

MICRO INFRARED GUARD is my entry to the microbot challenge. It is used to avoid thieves and trespassers. The alarm will sound when the door is open, when someone pass by and when something is stolen. It detect things by using infrared sensor. When the proximity is changed, the alarm will sound. Watch the videos and see more info in the additional info.

this is a long but a strong threewheeled driving base. it is useful for many different cars and other things. it is very stable because the wheels are placed outside of the car so it can't fall over. maybe there's coming an ldd file soon, but now; succes with immitate!!!



Uploaded 7/23/2014

This robot is originally called WALK3R, but I found that it walks quite fast(about 2feet per second), so I call it RUNN3R. The programs are simple. The first program is just for testing the walking mechanism. The second is for guarding a object(when it sensed something moving or something is taken away, the alarm will sound. See more in additional info. I hope you like it.