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20 Oct 2014

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Uploaded 10/20/2014

This is my son (7 years old ) design, it is a Spinosaurus using mindstorms part to build.

rapid grandfather


Uploaded 10/20/2014

This is a robot I built random and he is fast and strong and to know when to stop. I thought it was like a grandfather because he has a cane against falling.



Uploaded 10/20/2014

This robot destroys your younger sibling's Duplo towers. ( I tested it, to my younger sister's remorse.)

DISCLAIMER: This is not a vehicle. This is not an animal. This is not a game. This is not your typical Mindstorms project. This is merely a program, primarily for those who are interested in math. But, you do not have to be interested math to appreciate this project. Nevertheless, please include a number 1-10 describing your opinion of math (1 being you wish it was never invented, 10 being you think it is the best thing ever invented) along with your review. This robot graphs functions on the NXT screen. (Could actually be useful for math class if you are taking any form of higher math, i.e., algebra, geometry, precalculus, etc.) The functions can be either quadratic functions or linear functions. (A quadratic function is one of the form ax^2+bx+c, a linear function is one of the form mx+b.) You input the values of a, b, and c (or m and b). These values can be any rational number, even negative rational numbers. (Rational numbers are of the form a/b, where a and b are intergers and b is not zero.) The picture shows the function y=1/16x^2-32. Of course, the NXT screen can only show so much of the graph, so it is somewhat limited. The program, if put on a giant computer screen, would be about 10 feet 8 inches long... I would very much appreciate it if you could at least take a quick look at it and tell me what you think. Math lovers, please comment.

for a contest