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21 Aug 2014

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Uploaded 8/21/2014

This is ROBO LIFT, a robotic tracked fork lift. It can pick up small things with its forks.



Uploaded 8/21/2014

This is a humanoid. A very fat humanoid. It has the chassis at the back and liftarms at the front and the back. Now, are you comfy? I have a story. Meep started from the NOGO Factories to be an EV3. But the process malfunctioned, and he became "outdated" by EV3RSTORM as to be an NXT. NOGO Factories exploded. So Meep's legs became wheels, and he lost the infrared and gyro sensor. So he made himself liftarms to be able to stand up, so here he is, after a tragic loss.



Uploaded 8/21/2014

Here we go, my first real "Vehicle" The MO3THUS CAR. first of all, the word "Moethus" is not a name, it's a Welsh world that means Luxury or Deluxe(In English). The car design is inspired by the old luxury cars. I used a combination of yellow and white panels(Because i don't have enough white or yellow panels :D) It might look bad but I like it! The front of the car is my little sister's design. The gear ratio is 3:1. Watch the video(Note that the car is not too fast because my batteries were about to die) and please check out "Additional Information" for more. Finally please comment and check out my other projects.



Uploaded 8/21/2014

This is an arm that took awhile to make his arm gears in picture 2 don't rate bad Sorry I can't put a vid or mor pictures because I broke it



Uploaded 8/21/2014

This is my 2nd entry in the Action Figure contest.This time I made a fully equipped robot.It has 4 weapons, 3 sensors and a funny way to celebrate when he wins.