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30 Aug 2014

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Uploaded 8/29/2014

This is a robot that works like Walker, but the legs move simultaneously, to cause it to walk faster and with more accuracy.

Wolverine claw


Uploaded 8/29/2014

This claw can be harnessed onto your hand ,it had three razors harp claws and there are two motors powering your hand ,making your punches have higher speed and velocity.using the sensors , it can switch into auto combat mode when it locate the opponent imediately

Benny the Brachiosaurus


Uploaded 8/29/2014

Hello everyone! I know that it has been a while since I posted anything but I have a good reason, I was using my SRCA( See previous post) at lego FLL robotics club in a challenge( not FLL though). Enough of that, now yo my project, Benny the Brachiosaurus! This is my second walking robot and third dinosaur that I have built but I can't take full credit because the 1 motor walking base was designed by NXT Zoo an awesome website with an even cooler book here is the link http://thenxtzoo.com/ the rest was done by me. Thanks for viewing!

Updated version of my previous MindStorms NXT design to make a realistic steering robot using only two motors. I've included LFX for building instructions using Lego Digital Designer. I updated the way the second motor is connected so the robot runs faster.

PF NXT Payloader


Uploaded 8/28/2014

Hello everyone it's Pleco2323 again with a new invention! ANXT and power functions Payloader with 5 motors! Click Aditional Information for more info.