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30 Oct 2014

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Uploaded 10/30/2014

FIGHT3R TANK is a tank designed for robot-v-robot fights. The two Large motors make sure that the robot won't be stalled, while the rubber treads provide incredible grip. Since the robot's centre of gravity is very low, it is almost impossible to tip over and can stay stable on slopes of over 45 degrees! The heavily armored front protects the tank from impacts, and the rear and side guards are to make the robot stronger and to protect the tracks - you wouldn't want your tracks to be destroyed and your robot to be crippled! FIGHT3R TANK is equipped with a cannon, but it is possible to remove the cannon and add a different weapon, such as a hammer or spinning blade.



Uploaded 10/30/2014

Hello everyone! I am back with a new robot called the STAIRCASE RAILING CLIMB3R. I discovered it by accident when I was trying to make a tank. I accidently placed the motors horizontally on the base. did not want to disassemble the whole thing so I thought of naming it the STAIRCASE RAILING CLIMB3R.It consists of two large motors and two sensors, the infrared sensor and the colour sensor. The colour sensor makes the robot stop when it comes to the end of the railing. The infrared sensor detects if someone is climbing the stairs and makes the robot stop. You can find building instructions in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

Super Wheel


Uploaded 10/30/2014

This is the 3rd car I have ever built without instructions! It is a rally car. It has big speedy wheels and a reactive steering mechanism and inspired by another robot I posted called MicroMagneticSuperWheel, therefore it is called Super Wheel. Look in additional info for more pictures!



Uploaded 10/30/2014

The OMNI REAP3R is a small, agile robot. By having four motors and mecanum wheels, it can go in any direction, without turning! Sorry about not having a download for the bot... Didn't have enough time to get that up. I will fix it as soon as I can.

air conditioner


Uploaded 10/28/2014

this is the first part of a lego air conditioner. I didn't show the fan but I showed everything else.Basicly it sucks up water from the tray squirts it on the cloth which becomes wet and cold and then the water drips into the tray a gets reused. All you have to do to turn it into an air conditioner is place a fan close to the cloth and the air will come out on the other side cold. P.S. I didn't post an LDD because you may need to use a different tray or fan but I did post the program