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hey, that's cool can it be made with Mindstorms 2.0 or is it random pieces you have found? cause I think it would be cool to make one

uh-oh, you made I typo at the top (bob-it) and there are a lot of these. But this one is pretty good.

but it's still pretty cool. One of the best bop-its i've ever seen.

But agentsky, I looked it up, and I saw only one.

That's really cool! And I get the program freeze too! I was writing a program for both my HID I-S and ATOTA to work together, and it was so big it froze everytime I moved a block! That ultimately made me unable to finish the program. But this is a really cool robot!

Did you plan to program different difficulty levels?

what? I'll post you a link to some more bop-its

type in bop-it in the search bar, I saw at least 7.

Nice Sam, I have never actually had a bop-it, although I have touched one before, but it was a long time ago.

This is really cool! Although it doesn't look much like a bop-it it still works like one. I know how you feel.... My computer is pretty old but it doesn't freeze but the mouse cursor wanders aimlessly and I can't control it. So I've had trouble programming.

I saw 2.

Great model!

Cool! Nice design and a good replica!

i forgot there was such game as a bop it!

mmm........ Do you have a video?

No, I can't upload videos because my camera makes vids with no sound, and I can't get it to save it as a video.

OK. It's all right. Cheer up!

Cheer up? Why would I need to cheer up? I'm happy because this project is 4 stars!

Yeah me too, it will not let me upload videos!

4 stars? I gave you 5 stars

Well the project RATING is four stars, and I am very happy with that.

Bop it!

Say sam, you wanna enter my bugbot challenge?

Hey ploopy, I might... :):) No more strife.

Too bad you didn't have a Sound Sensor. Then you could do 'Shout It'. Pretty good Bop-It. The only thing I would suggest is to make it less cumbersome, meaning that to make it smaller, more compact. You get 4 stars from me.

Actually, it is'nt that cumbersome because I used all the pieces on the side for decoration. Try to imagine the basic structure, and you have Bop-it!


sam! Come back plz!

bob it bot...call it that...i give you 12 stars

to make the program faster but sections in my blocks check out my program to see

i meant you could put sections in myblocks

great! Do it with Ev3 when you get it!


Really neat. Rating: ****

NXT Bob-It



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This is my NXT Bop-It! It has two buttons, one motor, the ultrasonic sensor, and the color sensor. I will go into further detail of each part in later steps. This robot was fun to make, but hard to progrogram, the reason for this is the fact that my software keeps acting up on me, for example, I try to click-and-drag, a block on the screen, and it freezes! So I apologize for no program. Enjoy!

Intelligent Brick Type:

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    EV3 Brick
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    NXT Brick
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    RCX Brick


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    EV3 Color
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    EV3 Infrared
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    EV3 Touch
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    NXT Light
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    NXT Sound
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    NXT Ultrasonic
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    NXT Touch
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    RCX Light
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    RCX Touch


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    EV3 Large
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    EV3 Medium
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