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23 Jul 2014

New in the Community

This my bock can test a number to see if it is a odd number or a even number. See more in the additional info. I hope you will like it



Uploaded 7/21/2014

Hi guys, this is my first robot upload I hope I did it right! Have you ever bored and tired counting up some fliers ? My university group have a huge event coming up, and we tried to pack a small fliers on a pack of 25 or 50 to be distributed to other groups across region. Since we got thousands of fliers to be packed, I was looking through my EV3 and think how it could help me out with it! with the helps from the community to set-up the counter, I come up with this robot EVC! It also can be adjusted for the paper thickness and widths In this version, it only count till 2 and stopped. But it just a matter of variable imputed on the counter loop. Since the brick is not attached to the frame, it make it easy to replace the batteries as well.. I also attached the infra-red but haven't use it yet in this version. I might try to use it later :) The hardest part for this robot is to adjust the angle of inclination of the feeder. Too high your fliers/papers will stuck



Uploaded 7/20/2014

This robot can detect specifically bacteria, viruses,... and inject inside the correct doses of pharmaceutical drug for a 100% efficacy. That method also can solve the antibiotic resistance of bacteria, and concentrate the treatment in the focus of illness. This robot is made for the LEGO MINDSTORMS MicroBot Building Challenge.



Uploaded 7/18/2014

I admit that this is ColorBot. But it has a spinning blade, two touch sensors, and plus the battery is still accessible without taking the whole thing apart!

Game Console


Uploaded 7/18/2014

Hello Mindstorms community. This is my game console! You can use games (like my recently uploaded Mystify!) and play them! The touch sensor goes in port 1, the infrared in port 4, and the color in port 3. Try making your own games and using the console. Have fun!