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The Case File! by B0802

Created 13 Aug 2014
  • The Case File!

Is this a miniseries? No, no it is something different. It is a case file/holocron (if you would) of the website. I am first making a case file of the wars. I'd like for Sand, Gloopy, Andrew, and Legolover to write the FIRST Mandalorian war from their perspective. Include users and creations and all that. When you've posted it, I will copy and paist it using a different font for each different user who contributes. When that is finished, I'll do the same with possibly different users for the second Mando war. Please put the tag casefile1 in those creations so I can find it easily! :D Thanks! Also, the official picture will be of the actual file I'm printing the stories out for. :D

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