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An Imperial Christmas by Oku_Finn

Created 09 Jan 2014
  • An Imperial Christmas

Even though the servants of the Empire seem gruff and tough much of the time, all they need to loosen up a bit is some Christmas cheer. This year Vader is giving some gifts to choice members under his command. The Scout Trooper got a sniper rifle kit....some assembly required. To the Tie Pilot Vader gave a new helmet that he deemed might be of use.... Meanwhile the Imperial Officer got several things: A new servant droid, a promotion, and a "get-out-of-your-next-choking" card (should he make a mistake that irritates Vader). Now we have the Stormtrooper who received a cool new blaster and a jetpack. While everyone is enjoying their present, Vader is just standing quietly and happily as he sips his coffee by the tree. He didn't have the best of sleep the night before....

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