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101 Clone Division Update 2/26/2014 by tigerbow1

Created 26 Feb 2014
  • 101 Clone Division Update 2/26/2014

Captain Jorgenson desperately attempted to make contact once more. “Commander Bereck, over.” he said into the comlink, trying not to sound like he was panicking. The cold air of Yashen was familiar to Jorgneson. He had been on this world for only about a month now, but he felt like he had been there for years. He was starting to forget what it was like to be back on Kamino. Captain Jorgenson’s heart pounded as he realized how bad of a situation they were in. They had been fighting the Uak for quite some time now, and there were signs that the enemy was weakening, but they still had a fire in their hearts that would never be put out. The night before, Captain Jorgenson and Commander Bereck had decided to split up in order to attack a crucial enemy base from both sides, in order to trap the enemy division that had been stationed there. But the plan had gone awry, and the two clones had lost contact in the mountainous region of Yashen. Now, Captain Jorgenson, Scout Farthom, and Sergeant Scrapper were lost in the middle of enemy territory. Sergeant Scrapper jogged up to the Captain. “Sir, what are your plans for getting us back in touch with the Commander?” he asked. Captain Jorgenson looked around, observing the pointy, desolate mountains that seemed to surround them. “Do you have the d-map?” Scout Farthom handed the Captain a flat- silver object. Jorgenson pressed a button on the side of the object, and a detailed map appeared on the screen. In the upper right of the map, there was a large red dot, indicating the position of the enemy base, and a blinking blue dot that slowly crept across the screen towards the base. “Seems like Commander Bereck is closing in. We better hurry.” he declared to his two companions. Farthom looked up at the sky. “I estimate we have only about 0400 hours until the Commander attacks with Private Junker.” he said, a tinge of panic in his voice. Captain Jorgenson broke into a run, sending small pieces of gravel flying into the air. The two other clones followed their leader, praying that they would make it to the rendezvous in time. Also make sure to check out UltimateLegoMaster9000's Clone Shock Trooper Club!

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