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pod racers by GabrielPalencia123

Created 08 Oct 2013
  • pod racers

These pod racers are ready for the pod race. They are Imperial and Rebel racers. They are driven by a TIE pilot and Han Solo. The Impeial one is heavely armored, but isn't very fast. It needs all that armor because it can't turn very well. CRASH!! But, Han's is faster and more lightweight so he might have a chance. Oh, and Nute Gunray paid for the TIE pilot's pod racer so he won't be happy when he sees the damage. :P And as Han's fans clap and cheer *Yay! Clap Clap!* And as the TIE pilot's fans clap and cheer. *Chirp Chirp.* :P

tags: rebei, empire
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