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Departure... by Cedric_Of_Chessington

Created 18 Sep 2013
  • Departure...

So... I haven't been here in a while. I doubt anyone noticed my absence. :P Anyways, it is time for me to depart. I spend (or spent, rather) too much time here, where I could be using it for things of much more importance. That means all of my stories have officially ended. This site doesn't fit my writing style. Sorry. :/ Goodbye, everyone! Thank you for the support, 'cause I couldn't have gotten far without you all. :D I might be here till Sunday just to answer any questions. There's only one other place you can find me, some of you already know about that place (Chip, Von, Turtle, Peso, etc.), but the name and URL shall remain hidden. ~Cedric~

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