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Survey: Who's better? by darthvader7771

Created 25 Jun 2014
  • Survey: Who's better?

I made this survey to know who is better, Kyle Katarn or Galen Marek/Starkiller. You decide! My opinions about them: =Kyle: -Pros: He's the galactic Chuck Norris He uses all powers from all sides, dark side and light side powers He's an experienced and skilled shooter He's also an experienced lightsaber duelist, using three styles (Fast, Medium and Strong styles) He trained two apprentices, Jaden and Rosh (both from Jedi Academy) He's successful in everything, because he's Kyle Katarn He's very popular among much Star Wars fans He's charismatic and has a great personality -Cons: He's not a good pilot, he crushed the Molody Crow in a bad manoeuvre wrecking it in a mountain on Ruusan during the final events of Dark Forces 2 He never appear on a crossover game (Like Sour Calibur games), but despite this, he still rocks =Galen Marek/Starkiller -Pros: He was Darth Vader's secret apprentice He's the most powerful Sith apprentice never seen He's very skilled on Force lighting His lightsaber combat form is cool, rapid and deadly, strikingly similar to Ahsoka's combat form He pulled a massive Imperial Star Destroyer during his second adventure on Raxus Prime He kicked his master's back part two times He died in the first Force Unleashed game in the Death Star by Palpatine, but he revived as a clone by his master, becoming more powerful and wielding two lightsabers in the second game He appeared, alongside Vader and Yoda on Soul Calibur IV -Cons: Despite be the most powerful Sith (later Jedi), he couldn't defeat Palpatine, resulting this on his death He's not very charismatic He can't use Force Heal to cure himself, thing that Katarn can do without any problem He's not popular and awesome as Katarn He's too overrated, due to all his powers and abilities were exaggerated on the videogames He only knows one lighsaber combat form, despite use two sabers on the second Force Unleashed game The Force Unleashed II wasn't good as The Force Unleashed I, but all The Force Unleashed videogames weren't good as all the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight videogames (Excepting Jedi Academy) He'll never be mythic and legendary as the own Kyle Katarn, despite be Vader's secret apprentice He never draw a firearm He never trained any apprentice This is my conclusion about them, both are awepic, but if I must choose one of them, I`ll choose Katarn, because I played Jedi Outcast as a child on my Gamecube, he's one of my childhood heroes and he's still an awesome hero to me. Now, see this creation, make your own opinion about twice and choose who's better and favourite. MAY THE TRIFORCE BE WITH YOU!.

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