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The Journey Of Ahsoka ~3~ by TheForceIsStrongWithBarriss

Created 07 Jul 2014
  • The Journey Of Ahsoka ~3~

Enyoy, Ya'll! ________________________________________________ Ahsoka woke up with a knock on her door. She scrambled out of bed and came to the door and opened it. There she saw Master Mace Windu standing at the foot of her door. “Are you ready to leave, Padawan?” he asked. “Yes, Master Mace.” Ahsoka replied. Ahsoka ran over to her bed, grabbed her backpack and her lightsaber, and set off with Master Mace Windu through the Temple. Ahsoka rubbed her eyes. She wasn’t used to getting up this early of morning. “Your nervous, Tano, aren’t you?” Mace said. “Yes…. I just, well, feel like I’m not ready for this.” She replied. Mace smiled. “I believe you will be a great Padawan, Ahsoka. You are wonderful with lightsabers, your smart, and more! I bet Master Skywalker is going to be proud.” “But if he’s not?” Ahsoka looked down at her feet as she walked. There was silent’s the rest of the way down to the ship hanger. Ahsoka looked around at the hanger. It was filled with ships of many kinds. The only ones she knew of where the Jedi starfighters, and the Republic Gunship that is waiting for Ahsoka. She saw Master Yoda standing in front of the gunship. They walked over to Yoda. “The time has come, Little Soka. Your waiting has come to an end- your time to go off to war, and meet your Master is fulfilled. We all wish you the best, and May The Force Be With You.” Plo Koon said. Ahsoka looked to the right. She didn’t notice him, but her beloved Master Plo Koon was standing Yoda. She bowed. “Good luck, Ahsoka.” Mace said as he winked. She nodded. Mace held out his hand straight forward. Ahsoka stepped into the gunship. The doors closed and the ship set off. The ship glided into space, and outside, flew a huge Republic Gunship. ________________________________________________ ~TheForceIsStrongWithBarriss

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