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Created 13 Aug 2014

(RolePlay) I peered out the window of the EMC battle cruiser, the Avenger. We were closing in on the Imperial blockade above Naboo. Five Imperial star destroyers and a Mark II Venator destroyer were directly in front of us. "Sir!", said Riptide, my loyal EMC sergeant and trusted friend of mine, " The BRM battle cruiser the Vanquisher has just come out of hyperspace with four BRM frigates". "Good" I said, "what about the rest of the EMC cruisers?". "Steel and the EMC cruiser the Dynamic has just taken off from New Mandalore and Tac from the 501st is on his way with a Republic Cruiser", said Riptide. "Contact X and tell him to form up with the other cruisers, we will attack the star destroyers head on", I said. The first volley of turbo laser fire from the star destroyers hit a EMC frigate, obliterating it and sending shrapnel into a BRM star fighter. The BRM cruisers led by X and the Vanquisher formed up with the Avenger and two EMC battle cruisers. Luckily for us, X was a technological genius. He had engineered and amplified our turbo lasers to maximum firepower and decreased the reloading time. All 150 turbo lasers turned and opened fire on the Star Destroyers, crippling two of them. Around me, EMC units cheered and whooped and from the viewport I could faintly make out the BRM troopers doing the same. Still, something troubled me. The star destroyers were barely firing their cannons and had diverted full power to their shields. "This is too easy", I said grimly, "somethings not right". I turned to Riptide, "full power to the shields and arm concussion missiles, now!". On the other side of the planet, a large star destroyer had made appeared from hyperspace. "Its the Executor, Vader's onboard most likely", said Riptide. "Sir, the Dynamic is here with the rest of the fleet", said a EMC unit manning a control station. They had arrived at the right time, swarms of TIE fighters launched from the hangar bays of the star destroyers and flew towards us. "All battle cruisers open fire!", I said. I opened a com link channel station and contacted X. "Darin Shi, he said The TIE fighters have surround the fleet, I don;t know how we are supposed to send a dropship down there without it getting scrapped. I thought about it, if the recon team ddim;t reach the planets surface, we would not be able to secure landing zones for our troops. "X", I said, "do you think you can take the Vanquisher and the BRM cruisers and set them alongside the Avenger, the Dynamic and the rest of the EMC fleet while I take the recon team down to the planets surface?" X took of his helmet and grinned, "I think I can manage that, but how will you reach the planet without getting blasted at by TIE fighters". "Well, lets find out", I said. I turned off the com link channel and contacted my second in command, Steel. I relayed him the information and told him to direct the Dynamic towards the rest of the fleet. "Yes sir", said Steel, "once we get past the blockade, I might be able to lead Theta team with some EMC special ops alongside the 501st to secure the capital and protect the queen". "Very well", I said. I turned to a EMC officer, "get Sniper specialist Cathein Stormer and five EMC special ops to the cannon bay". "Yes sir!", said the EMC unit, running off to complete his order. "Riptide come with me", I said, "we got some work to do". (RolePlay)

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