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blaze squad episode 2 by peanutman0331

Created 19 Aug 2013
  • blaze squad episode 2

Episode 2 commander nightstar and his clones had only left kamino 2 hours ago but they were already in the atmosphere of planet Ryloth. There was a battle on the surface and they were needed to save the day the droids outnumberd the clones on the surface 100 to 1 but luckily the men of blaze squad were pros at destroying droids especially Inferno who loved his job so much that he wishes he was getting more droids to fight! even though nightstar was in charge of that factor he liked how enthusiastic his troops were about this mission... Once they reached the surface they were dissapointed that it wasnt straight from the ship to the action "hey inferno check out all the hot twi-lek chicks bro..."said torch "heh, yeah ( just dont let the commander hear that)..." said inferno they were talking about the female dominant twi-lek species on Ryloth, but they were supposed to recive there mission from jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi... T.B.C.

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