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501st AirBorne S1 Ep6 by Xpromixer

Created 14 Aug 2014
  • 501st AirBorne S1 Ep6

(R-P) as I left the hanger I got a distress call from Barc "Tac We'll need you and the Defiance to assist us at Naboo " Barc said "Yes Sir" I replied, " Pilot turn this ship around" "yes sir" said the pilot I then found myself walking into the bridge " set course for the Naboo system" I ordered, my ship, the Defiance was soon at Naboo along with the Avenger I contacted Darin " where is Sand? " I asked "him and the BRM flleet are on their way" he said "it looks----- I was cut off by the ship rumbling "Ambush " a clone shouted I ended the transmission and ran over to the ships microphone "battle stations, all men to your battle station, code black I repeat code black. pilots board your ships and take flight, thats when the real fight begun...(R-P) I hope you like it also I've updated Tac but I'll post him later

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