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POSTERS! by Jek_14

Created 09 Jan 2014

Hey guys!!!! GOOD NEWS!!! I AM BACK MAKING POSTERS! :D :D :D :D :D I will now make posters again! i finally got legolovers poster done (its only taken me 3 months) and i am starting on all those requests i got before i left!!!! okay guys, i can't promise your posters in like two days, they may take a week or so. i am literally getting projects and essays every month! its awful. and now i am going to state robotics which is a whole lot harder! and im going to county science fair! so i might not have them ready super fast, BUT ILL HAVE THEM SOME TIME :D :D:D :D :D :D im really happy! i am going to first work on all the posters i promised people before and then work on your requests now. also, please request on this creation, not on other creations. it makes it easier. anyways, i got to go write more on my essay...): oh, bernbear???? can you continue your series about indigo and him stranded? i really liked that series. :D :P :D shanks you!!!!! ayayyayayayayayayayay! yay. yay. yay. YAYA! byes peeples!

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