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CONTEST! by legofam2013

Created 25 Aug 2013

As a celebration for the remake of the Lego Star Wars website, there will be a series of contests. This is the first. You must create a Lego Star Wars character. The character could be someone from the Star Wars movies, like Obi-Wan or Pablos Jill, someone from the Clone Wars, like Numa the Twillek or Commander Bly, or someone from the Star Wars books, like Grand Admiral Thrawn or Jacen. Rules: The character must be one you created yourself, not the one Lego has made, some like Thrawn, Lego has never made a minifigure of, so you should be fine, you can use pieces for the actually minifigure, like the torso with Padawan braid for Obi-Wan Kenobi. The tag must be tpm, or the creation will not be excepted into the contest. You do not have to comment to enter, but it is recommended. Comment with questions, they will be answered.

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