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Look at what I built! by Cimpan12

Created 03 Oct 2013
  • Look at what I built!

Good job Marley! Congrats on your first build! IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!!! clonecable will be posting later... Maybe this weekend.:) You mane be wondering where i have been... Uh... Long story.:) I promise that I will look at your guys' comments that you sent me from a month ago and reply to them but... I will have to do that later sorry.:/ well I have to go! God bless yousa!-Jar-jar P.S legoking: I have noticed that you don't know what to create anymore... you could do another miniseries if Tira Adventures doesn't satisfy you anymore just don't disappear! Please!!!!! P.P.S: the picture was taken on my balcony (that's why there is a bike in the pic.) ;) bye!

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