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The Blood Red Mandalorians: Meeting and by gloopy45

Created 23 Jan 2014
  • The Blood Red Mandalorians: Meeting and

Hello to my club members. I decided I needed to post another meeting for the Blood Red Mandalorians due to the amount of people asking me about various things. Here is a list of all the members and their ranks: LegoLover7503: Private/ LegoPanama: Sergeant/ Jek_14: Private/ Legiblelegos: Private/ Cheeriosandlegos: Private/ Jakemeister10: Private/ Batman5681: Private/ SamuraiX7454: Private/ Jovanzad1: Private/ Grievous_Dooku: Private/ Tan463: Private. Here is a list of the possible ranks: Private, Private Specialist, Sergeant, Captain, Colonel, Lieutenant and the General. LegoPanama currently has the highest rank in the club. You might ask why? LegoPanama has worked very hard for me by finding members and getting the word out about this club. If you would also like to progress in rank there are several ways to do so, some including: entering contests, getting members, making posters for the club, telling people about this club, writing miniseries, giving me ideas, etc. Anything having to do with the Blood Red Mandalorians will pretty much work. We are currently still doing the contest for this month which is create your own custom character for the club. I don't have very many entries. To stay in the club it is required to enter a contest at least once every two months. You might want to do this one because the next one will be harder. I also have to talk to you guys about another issue I am having: To many members! I am having tons of people asking me if they can join, many of which do not meet the requirements for the club. As a result of this issue I am having to create a rule stating that if you will not be active in this club, don't ask to join. Please be honest. Are you really going to enter any contests? Are you going to come to the meetings? I hope that this will make it easier for everyone. I don't want to offend anyone, but I don't want to have to end this club either. I was also wondering if I should write a miniseries. It would be about the Blood Red Mandalorians and their missions, training, etc. I have written a miniseries before, but it didn't work out due to the fact that no one was reading it. In this picture I have here is General Vulnus (My custom character) holding a Sith holocron. This is also something I have in mind for my series. Moderators, please accept.

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