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Hardcore Mission 6 Christophis by micronex

Created 25 Jul 2014
  • Hardcore Mission 6 Christophis

The moment you all have been waiting for. Hardcore... In the recent Episode of Hardcore they just have entered Christophis. Now they are on their way to stop the droid army once and for all. Rys got up and started pointing toward Southbound. Southbound is where the droid army is landing all its units at. The Rhino Team needs to stop the landing area. With only 500 clones in supply they will have to sneak through enemy lines. "Alright boys listen up were going to be attacking their left and right flanks the middle we will leave alone. Also make sure we bring enough fire-" Rys paused. "Sorry to interrupt sir but they have a ray shield," Skips said. "Grab Kik, Jes, and Timo," Rys said. "Sir yes Sir!" "alright men change of plans were going to split into two groups one will attack the base with only clones. The other group will have tanks and ATRT's ready for battle, but you will also fight because I need you to guard them while our group takes down the ray shield," Rys said. So group one will be the ones going inside the base Me, Jes, and Timo will lead group one. Group two is the ones guarding the tanks and ATRT's Skips and Kik will lead," Rys said. "Now move out!" Rys shouted. Meanwhile in the droid base the scout droids saw clones. "Hey sir I see an army of clones. What should we do?" said the scout. "Attack th-" before the droid finished the clones split up and had attacked the base. Commando droids rushed down every hallway with blasters. "Come on men to the ray shield!" Rys yelled. Once they got their droidekas appeared. "Attack, and throw charges!" Rys shouted. The clones were shooting the droidekas while the other clones were setting charges. "Sir they are ready," one of the clones said. " What are you waiting for blow it up!" Rys said. The ray shield blew up and took out the droidekas. "What happened to the shield," one of the droids asked, as the droids marched outside to attack the tanks and clones. I don't-" The droids blew up from the tanks and the base was captured. The landing platform was blown up and no droid carriers were able to land. "We fought hard today sir," said Rys. " yes we did, but our armies have detected a supply base on Rugosa," said Skips. "Well Jes and Timo are going not me. I was assigned here," Rys said. "No you weren't, the Jedi just told me that your going to Rugosa with us," Skips said. "Well what are we standing here for lets load up! Thanks for seeing another episode of Hardcore Missions

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